Why Every Man Needs a Brotherhood

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Guest post by Jason Stamper. He is a rock solid family man, business leader, and church elder. Jason also happens to be like a brother to me.

I’m grateful he took the time to share with us about the important topic of why every man needs a brotherhood. Enjoy.


Every Man Needs a Brotherhood

One of the things guys do when they get together is to give each other a heavy dose of antagonism. There have been times when I have been the butt of a joke, and vice versa, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

There is something about hanging with the guys that is simply relaxing and much needed in life. I am no stranger to dishing out my share of practical jokes either. Like to other day when I delivered a beer to a friend. I shook it up, just a little, and watched as he tried not to let it spill all over his shirt.

You could say it was a cruel prank, but it was rather entertaining—and there were no hard feelings. Just guys being guys.

The best thing about having this kind of close connection with other guys is that you can not only spill a beer on their shirt, you can spill your life out with them, and walk together through some pretty hard times. In my life I have been grateful for brothers who can help me walk through life.

Here are just three reasons why you need a brotherhood yourself:

1) To Relieve Tension

Too often guys walk around without letting go of their emotions, yes gentlemen we have emotions, (aside from anger, frustration, elation, etc.) Like the beer can, sometimes we need to vent to our buds and work through the tension we experience before we explode all over the people we love.

2) To Swap War Stories

Unfortunately I was never able to serve my country, however this does not mean that as a man I do not struggle with life. Marriage, fatherhood, faith, and leadership, can all be shared within the boundaries of a trusting and deepening relationship. There is just something about dialoging back and forth with one another that is encouraging for the heart. Plus any good war story ends up talking about the tactics to overcome the enemy, or in this case you can explore the options for solving the problems. As a friend of mine says, if we could get their on our own we would already be there.

3) To Pray For One Another

Solutions are excellent but sometimes we need a little extra. One of my greatest friends has always had my back in prayer when needed. God has an amazing ability to answer prayer and in my life some of the most often answered prayers have been ones that friends have made. The opportunity and ability to ask God for assistance and help is one of the greatest gifts a friend can offer.

Regardless of your beliefs, a brotherhood can be a phenomenal asset and gift in life.

Do you have someone you call brother, friend, or confidant?

If so, what is some advice for building a stronger relationship with other men to help encourage and challenge one another?




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