Dear Single Mom,

First of all, thank you for the sacrifices you are making. Many of which no one sees. One only has so much time, energy, attention, and patience, yet you love your kids fiercely and would do anything in your power to give them the life they need and deserve. The love of a mother is beyond measure. Your kids may or may not see it now, but one day, they will thank you for what you’ve done for them.

I don’t know your story, but I know you have one. It may be one with heartbreak, regret, triumph, or maybe even relief.  Regardless, you know that your child was meant to be. No matter how he or she came into the world, you know they were destined to be yours. You know they are a gift to be treasured, nurtured, and grateful for. You know they matter, big time!


I’ve had single mom’s confess to me that they felt like damaged goods. That no decent guy would want anything to do with them.  My response? Get rid of those thoughts (lies).  You are just as valuable now as you were back then.  

The question isn’t if you’re good enough for a man, it’s whether he is man enough for you?

You see, you deserve a guy who will cherish you and love your kids like they were his own.  Who handles his business and isn’t a boy posing as a man. Unfortunately, the state of man is crumbling in our culture and women like you are often left holding the pieces.  But I urge you, don’t settle for bozos, boys, or bullies. They don’t deserve you or your family.

That said, beauty can emerge from brokenness. And can create a mosaic that was even better than you could ever have imagined. You’ve seen it in your life, just look at your kiddos. I’m praying and hoping for the same for men.

I believe a great awakening is coming for guys that will stir us to grow up, man up, and become the heroes we’re meant to be.  That’s what GoodSirs is all about.

While we need fathers to shoulder their load, we also applaud you for picking up the slack. By caring for your kids, you are making a huge difference. Once again, thank you!

As a guy who spent his childhood in a single parent home and later became a man who married a single mom, I know it’s not always an easy journey, but it’s certainly worth the trip.


Jason Salamun