What is the best way to grow as a leader?

The answer might surprise you. It’s a duty many of us have, but few recognize as the ultimate leadership development program of all—becoming a parent.

The Best Way to Grow As a Leader

Flickr image courtesy of drinksmachine

I used to believe only a select few had the potential to be a leader, but having a child taught me that’s not completely true.

Every parent is a leader. Some are just better than others. Of course, you don’t need to be a parent to be a leader, but it does prove that leaders aren’t just born that way—they’re also developed along the way.

Here’s a handful of reasons why parenting is the best way to grow as a leader.

When you teach your child right from wrong, you’re leading.
When you motivate your child to reach their potential, you’re leading
When you discipline your child for testing boundaries, you’re leading.
When you sacrifice for your child’s needs, you’re leading.
When you nudge your child out of their comfort zones, you’re leading.
When you nurture your child when they’re hurt, you’re leading.
When you inspire your child to overcome obstacles, you’re leading.
When you invest in your child’s future, you’re leading.
When you give your child an example to follow, you’re leading.

I can think of no other leadership program on earth that can teach us about being a leader more than being a parent does.

As we grow as parents, we grow as leaders. Sadly, many parents (especially fathers) don’t fully accept their responsibility to lead their families well.  It’s as if they’re given a sword of leadership but refuse to learn how to use it.

But when you answer the sacred calling to lead your family, you step into the life you’re meant to live.

You find a purpose beyond your own existence.
You unlock talents and gifts you didn’t know you had.
You grow in confidence and courage.
You discover why you are here.
You make a difference.

The best way to grow as a leader is to be a parent. And it all begins at home.

Go figure.