87 Uses for a Bandana

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Popular with everyone from cowboys to rap stars, bandannas may be the most versatile tool in your wardrobe. Not only do they make killer fashion accessories for professional wrestlers (brother!), there are many different uses for a bandana.

Here are a 87 of them:

1. To look tougher.
2. Shield sun from head.
3. As a napkin.
4. Toilet paper substitute (not in conjunction as napkin)
5. Pot holder
6. Neck gaiter
7. Flag football
8. Collect sea shells
9. Sling
10. A handkerchief
11. Wash rag
12. Blindfold
13. Open a bottle cap
14. Hair tie
15. Strainer
16. Polish fruit and vegetables
17. Trail marker
18. Eye patch
19. Dust mask
20. Hobo sack
21. Dog collar
22. Protective eye wear
23. Sweat band
24. Unexpected birthday gift
25. Light baby blanket
26. Clean a lens
27. Cough/Sneeze silencer
28. Tie in a rock and use it as a weapon
29. To make it look like you’re about to do something even though you are napping
30. To wave a surrender (white is optimal)
31. Hillbilly handcuffs
32. Screen during sand storm
33. Secure branches together
34. Protect hands to carry items
35. Knapsack
36. Neck cooler (when wet)
37. Clean your ears
38. Beard scrubber
39. Combine with a stick and make a tourniquet
40. Wrist band for 80’s party
41. Sitting cloth
42. Geocaching cache
43. Mark a spot
44. Coffee filter
45. Muzzle
46. Shine shoes
47. Car window shade
48. Luggage identifier
49. Degrease bacon
50. Make a bikini (So I’m told)
51. To complete your pirate outfit
52. For home decor
53. Bait catcher
54. Diaper
55. Bib
56. Make a puppet
57. Stinky fart repellent
58. Drink coaster
59. Beer/Soda can holder
60. Drain plug
61. Gift wrap
62. Small pillow (fill it up with something soft and tie it)
63. Small fish net
64. Firestarter (if dry)
65. Key chain
66. Clothes patch
67. Catnip toy (just add catnip)
68. Swipe away bugs and insects
69. Collect edibles in the wild
70. Hide something
71. Gift wrap
72. Bandage wounds
73. Flag down a car
74. As a topic for a GoodSirs article
75. Secure belongings
76. Cover food
77. Tarzan loin cloth
78. Occupy an outhouse, bedroom, or other personal space
79. Dinner table place mat
80. Car hose repair
81. Small measuring tool
82. Used blue bandanna could satisfy the wedding tradition of “something borrowed, something blue”
83. Fan yourself or someone else
84. Ascot
85. Canteen plug
86. Feminine hygiene
87. Anytime you mean business

Any other uses we missed?


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